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When we first put up the web site I shared some of my favorite authors and poets.  Amongst those I shared  were Edgar Guest, E.E. Cummings, George & Donni Betts, Hugh Prather, and especially Walter RinderI’m so excited and proud to announce that through the wonders of the internet…I’ve found Mr. Rinder.  I am    pleased to honor him and his writings on this page once again. 
****A Promise of Change, 1979Aura of Love, 1978
Follow Your Heart, 1973 Forever Us, 1981
Friends and Lovers, 1978****Love Is An attitude, 1970
Love Is My Reason, 1975My Dearest Friend, 1974
My Dearest Friend, 1974 Spectrum of Love, 1973
The Humanness of You, 1974****This Time Called Life, 1971

***Where Will I Be Tomorrow, 1976
Will You Share With Me, 1975
and his latest work…..

****The World I Used To Know

****Available from Mr. Rinder [email protected]

I hope you will enjoy the selections I’ve chosen from 
“This Time Called Life”

Discovery I awoke
in the time of dawn
with hope
on this new day      love would find me
The bridgemy friend,
I have build a bridge for you
to cross over to me…
but not a vehicle
   to carry you 
Poetry of the eyesThey search beyond the realm
of senses, into the blue stream
of beauty, drifting along as the
clouds reflections.A life unfolds
A life of longing 
BEINGClimb to the threshold of
your own beliefs
not with the statement
of others,
but with the footsteps of
your own experience

Another favorite poet of mine is Neil Aitken,
I think you will enjoy his work as I have.