Welcome to Sofie


I WAS BORN IN South Carolina, JANUARY 2000


WHEN I WAS JUST A FURBALL THIS PRETTY LADY NAMED CHERI CAME AND TOOK ME ON A LONG CAR RIDE. She told me we were going to North Carolina. I really liked Cheri. She let me cuddle on her neck all the way to her house. She smelled very nice.
I was so excited…when we got to Cheri’s house there was another 4-legger there. Her name was Misty. I don’t think she liked me very much. She didn’t want to share any of her toys or Cheri with me. This was on a Saturday. Sunday Cheri took me to this neat store where all kinds of 4-leggers were shopping. I’d never done shopping before. There were all kinds of sights and smells that were new to me. It was very exciting. We bought treats and toys… that was fun. Then Cheri bought this pink cage for me. I didn’t understand why I needed a cage.
Cheri explained to me on the way back to her house that I wasn’t going to live with her. I got real scared. Then she told me The Mommy’s 4-legger like me had just crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I didn’t know what the Rainbow Bridge was but I understood The Mommy was sad. I was going to live with The Mommy to cheer her up. The Mommy lived in someplace called Texas.
The next morning Cheri put me in the pink cage with my new toys. Misty told me good-bye and we got in the car for another ride. We went to this place called an airport. They put me in this great big bird. I didn’t understand all of this stuff that was happening to me. I just knew I was on my way to Texas to cheer up The Mommy.
After a very long time and several other big birds I arrived at Texas. The Mommy was waiting for me. She laughed and cried. She was so happy to see me.

Now I live in Texas with The Mommy and Michael. There is another 4-legger in my new home named Brandy. She’s very big and very old. Sometimes she lets me play with her. We play tug-of-war with a red rabbit. If I bite real hard on the rabbit’s ears I can win. Most if the time Brandy wins because she is stronger than me. Once in a while I’ll get Brandy to chase me… I like this game best of all. When Brandy’s had enough of play time she justs flops down and goes to sleep. I guess that’s because she is old.

There are two other 4-leggers in the house… but they aren’t like me and Brandy.  They are something called cats.  Boy, do I love to chase them.  I especially like to chase Cooky.  She has a little shelf where The Mommy puts her food.  Cooky thinks she can sneek over there without me seeing her.  I’m very fast… but I never have caught her yet.

I really love the Dudes.  Every afternoon she and I share Michael’s lap.  Dudes gets jealous, though.  She doesn’t much like sharing Michael with me.  I really love them both.  When I try to kiss Dudes on the nose… she bats her paws at me.  The Mommy says I’m very lucky Dudes doesn’t have claws any more or I would have a very sore nose.

I like living in this place called Texas.  There is always something new for me to do and see.  Please come back to visit me often.  The Mommy says Michael will often put new pictures up of me.  I have lots of stories to tell.  There’s the story about meeting my friend Joey.  Once I escaped from the backyard.  Recently I met my other two 2-legger sisters.  One sister has got a 4-legger, too.  Boy is there a good story about when that 4-legger came to visit.  Life is fun when you are a 4-legger kid.