Our “Opt-In” List

The Crowes’ Nest Mailing List

  • The Crowes’ Nest mailing list is a special list we maintain  “Special Announcements” to our prefered customers. The express purpose of this list is to contact our customers for special sales, and updates to new Book Catalogs and Collectibles pages.
  • This mailing list is used solely for The Crowes’ Nest and will not be shared or sold to third parties.
  • In the normal course of purchasing a book or collectible item the information you supply on the shopping cart or via email is kept only for the duration of the transaction.
  • To be added to our Mailing List fill in the automated form below and press “Join Mailing List”.
  • To be deleted from our Mailing List you may use one of the following options.
  • Send The Crowes’ Nest  an email and in the message body enter “Remove From Mailing List”.
  • Upon receiving an updated message press your “Reply Button” and in the message body enter “Remove From Mailing List”.