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The Crowes’ Nest
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Our Privacy Guarantee.

To the fullest degree allowed by Law,

The Crowes’ Nest Books and Collectibles of 3811 Wren Rowe Drive, Texarkana, TX 75503, located on the World Wide Web at,

pledges and solidly guarantees that all personal information, from any source, that is submitted, gathered, tracked or otherwise obtained or retained in the normal course of online business activity associated with the company’s Web site/s, is secure and held confidential at all times from sale, disclosure, rental, and tampering by any known third party.

To further enhance confidence and trust in our customer/s and/or visitor/s, The Crowes’ Nest as an honorable and ethical online company, voluntarily specifies and prominently displays on our Web site, the purpose/s they intend any personal information that is obtained by any means to fulfill.

The Crowes’ Nest also agrees to discard and/or destroy all such information in a secure and timely fashion after the purpose of any and all such collected personal information has been satisfied or fulfilled.

In the normal course of business on the World Wide Web our non secure Internet Service Provider collects  IP Address information for the purpose of correcting server errors, web site technical problems, and web site analysis.  At no time is any information collected by the ISP made available to any other source for any reason.

In the normal course of online purchasing our “Secure Server (SSL)” collects only the information required to complete the financial transaction and ship the items to the customer.  Information collected is sent via secure server (SSL) to the Crowes’ Nest and at such time as the purchase is shipped to the customer all such data is destroyed.

This privacy guarantee stands in good measure as The Crowes’ Nest’ standard default privacy policy for all of its’ current and future online customers and/or visitors. As such, The Crowes’ Nest presumes that every customer and/or visitor has chosen to”opt-out” of having their personal information retained, disclosed, sold, rented or used for any reason other than its’ original intended purpose.

Therefore, any customer or visitor that agrees to have their personal information retained by The Crowes’ Nest for the specified purposes outlined within The Crowes’ Nest Internet Web site, must do so through “opt-in” action by written notification.  The “Opt-In” action is accessible on each major web page where a financial transaction may be initiated.

  • Demographic statistics
    (except for information used in aggregate form to facilitate improving products and services, advertising purposes, and administration of our Web site.)
  • Names
  • Mailing and E-mail addresses
  • Telephone and Fax numbers
  • Credit information and/or history
  • Credit and/or debit card numbers
  • Bank account numbers
  • Any other personal banking information
  • Correspondence
  • Transactions
  • Personal or electronic histories
  • Any and all other related personal information as required, requested or solicited by us.